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Full name: Johnathan Hillstrand
Date of birth: 5 August 1962
Birth place: Homer in Alaska
Age: 55 Years
Profession: Fisher man and Reality TV Star
Height: 6 feet
Weight: Not Known

Johnathan Hillstrand Net Worth

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Captain Johnathan Hillstrand is known as co-captain of commercial crab fishing vessel FV Time Bandit, featuring on the Discovery Channel series Deadliest Catch, together with his brother Andy Hillstrand. This job provides him a pretty nice income. As of 2016, Johnathan Hillstrand’s net worth is about 2.2 million dollars.

The men were worried at the season of the claim since they were under the feeling that the Discovery Channel had recorded all that they required, yet the TV administrators said despite everything they required pickup shots. Including extra recording right now would have contrarily impact the calendars of the angling vessels and the men put angling first. At last, the Discovery Channel and the commanders of Time Bandit and Northwestern wound up achieving an arrangement, and the groups came back to the show; after the demise of Captain Phil Harris, the Captain of the Cornelia Marie, the show would not have survived another uncommon throwing change.

What is Johnathan Hillstrand Business or Job?

Other than the business on the watercraft, he takes an interest on other Hillstrand's businesses like Time Bandit Fireworks, Time Bandit Entertainment, Time Bandit Productions, Time Bandit Spirits, and The Time Bandit Gear Store. He certainly has an entrepreneurial soul. In his extra time he appreciates riding his Harley. He is an aficionado of NASCAR, NHRA and Dallas Cowboys group.
Jonathan has written a book named Time Bandit, which tells the story of two brothers who is fighting and leading their boat, Time Bandit against the demon waves and extreme conditions prevailing in the Bering sea.

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